via Daily Prompt: Immerse

It’s still dark outside.

I didn’t sleep much last night. I was up every hour, fretting, worrying, anxious, scared. So completely immersed in worry that it infected my dreams, and was the first thing my brain tuned into every time I woke up.

Finally, eventually, I got up, made the coffee, and tried to make sense of it all, tried to write through it. I jumped right in to the very heart of it, hoping that the act of going right to it would help me sort it out.

Not this time.


But today is a new day. How cliche.

So real, though. Today is a day where we have time for new conversations. We have the chance to try again. We can confront the things that are hurting us, hurting her, and try to do things better. Try to work at healing.

Love always.


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